Watermelon Can Prevent Heart Disease And Lowering Cholesterol

Water melon can prevent heart disease
LUCKY for those who like watermelon. Besides looks refreshing with red seductive, slice of watermelon every day not only to increase the intake of water for the body, but also helps to prevent heart disease.

According to researchers, watermelon can help to lowering cholesterol. In addition, black drupe also help to control your weight. (Read : another cholesterol lowering foods)

Not without reason, the researchers conducted studies related to man cardiovascular health benefits of watermelon. Although the research was conducted on mice, researchers found that the results of high-fat rats who eat watermelon extract can lowering cholesterol in the body. As is known, the LDL or bad cholesterol can lead to clogged arteries and heart disease.

At researchers from Purdue University, U.S., observed that watermelon eating regularly helps control weight which in turn lead to less fatty deposits in the blood vessels.

Researchers claimed compound called citrulline in watermelon are compounds that contribute significantly to the risk of heart-related. They are advised to obtain the benefits of watermelon, fruit by the Latin name Citrullus lanatus can be taken lightly, processed into juice without sugar, or a friend in a bowl of fruit salad. (Indiahealth, Dailymail / * / OL-06)

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