Acai berry can prevent heart diseases!

Does Acai Berry Coronary heart disease?

heart disease
The answer is no. There is certainly nothing that cures coronary heart diseases. No medicine, no pill, no fruit, no vegetable or not even any prayer or religious ritual. There are however, lots of things that PREVENT heart disease, and can reverse it's affects once it sets in. So what can we do to counter heart diseases? The primary cause of this illness is due to the amount of cholesterol in our body, which makes it difficult for the heart to do its job. By and by, the poor overworked heart would slow down and eventually stop completely, resulting in a heart attack and sometimes, death.

Acai berry high fiber content helps keeping our bodies healthy. Fiber feeds the colonies of beneficial bacteria living in our large intestines. By improving the health of our intestines and increasing the levels of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) we can keep our cell membranes lining the arteries healthy. Acai berries high in amino acid, monounsaturated essential oils, fats and trace minerals can lead to improvement of arterial health.

You can reduce cholesterol and blood pleasure without using drugs. Acai berry rich in micronutrients can also improve the detoxification pathways and eliminate xenobiotics that have been associated with stroke, high blood pressure and other heart diseases.



Larry Brown said...

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Well, true that. Heart disease can only be controlled by cutting down the usage of cholesterol. Cholesterol is the main reason of heart diseases and heart attacks. Stay safe folks!

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