Watermelon - Health Benefits


watermelon benefit
Water Melon
Watermelon is thought to have originated in southern Africa, where it is found growing wild. Growing wild on the roadside, prairie grove, sea shore, or planted in the garden and yard as fruit trees. Watermelon can be found from the lowlands to 1,000 m asl. It's growing season spread over the ground or climb by tendrils or another tools. Trunk soft sided haired, length 1.5 to 5 m. Tendrils growing from the armpit leaves, branching 2-3. Leaves alternate location, stemmed, leaf blade width and hairywith pointed tip, length 3-25 cm, width of 1.5 - 15 cm, wavy edges, sometimes irregularly toothed, lower surface of the hair tightly in his bones. Unisexual flowers, out of the armpit leaves, single, usually more male flowers, wide bell-shaped, yellow, blooming in the morning. Fruit spherical to elongated round, varies with the length of 20-30 cm, a diameter of 15-20 cm, with a weight ranging from 4 kg to 20 kg. Skin thick and fleshy fruit, smooth, color assortment like dark green, yellow, somewhat white, or light green with white stripes. Pulp red, pink (pink), orange (orange), yellow, some even white. Seeds form elongated, flat, black, white, yellow, or reddish brown. There are also seedless (seedless). Seeds that have been processed is called watermelon seeds. How to make, collect seeds, then dry in the sun and roasted. Once cool, soak in salt water all day, and then drying again in the hot sun. Addition to watermelon eaten as fresh fruit can also be taken as a juice. Watermelon should not be eaten with brown sugar because it can form toxic, especially annoying on the weak digestion. These toxins can cause cramping and diarrhea to death. Propagation by seed.


Family : Cucurbitaceae
Genus : Citrullus


watermelon juice
Watermelon juice
yellow watermelon
Yellow Watermelon
square watermelon
Square Watermelon
  • Low Calory
  • 93,4% Water
  • 0,5% protein
  • 5,3% Carbohydrate
  • 0,1% Fat
  • 0,2% Fiber
  • 0,5% Ash
  • vitamin (A, B dan C).
  • amino sitrullin acids (C6H13N3O3)
  • aminoasetat acids
  • malat acids
  • fosfat acids
  • arginin
  • betain
  • likopen (C4oH56)
  • Caroten
  • bromin
  • natrium
  • kalium
  • silvit
  • lisin
  • fruktosa
  • dekstrosa
  • sukrosa.
watermelon benefit
Still doubt about water melon health benefit?

 Curable Disease

  • Sitrulin and arginin can make urea in liver from amonia and CO2 so it will increase urination.
  • Higher kalium can help heart's job, and stabilize blood pressure.
  • Likopen is an antioxidants yang that's better than vitamin C and E. 
  • Kukurbositrin in it's seed can stimulate kidney's job and help blood pressure to be normal.




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Benefits of Yellow Watermelon

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